Dilan Uluc

Sales Supervisor 

A Little About Me.

Loyal Customers Flow Naturally from Service-Oriented Salespeople, Dilan Uluc Says Dilan Uluc is an accomplished sales supervisor who consistently increases income and sales through one simple technique. If you care about your clients enough to provide them with better service than they dreamed possible, they will return for more. Dilan Uluc applies this approach to the difficult and competitive retail sales market. We will discuss her service ethic in greater detail later, but first, we will allow Dilan Uluc to describe herself in her own words. 

This fact alone reveals a great deal about Dilan Uluc. She has successfully navigated the truly demanding fast-paced atmosphere of retail during the last two years, as well as two years prior. She has met the specific requirements of each consumer who goes through the door, and, like everyone else who has persevered in retail over the last four years, she has done it at some of the most trying periods of our lives. Dilan has been the individual who has been assigned complex customer concerns when a floor salesperson responds, "I'll have to check with my supervisor."

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